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Ukraine Backpack & School Supply Drive
1 day left


As Ukrainians enter into the second year of this senseless war, we are both heartbroken for its terrible civilian impact and driven to action to help where we can.

We have a strong connection to humanitarian efforts in this region. Our Director of Development, Sharon Girdlestone, and two of our Board members, Tim Cronin and Noah Sims, have all been to Ukraine and Poland to help feed, clothe and procure essential items to those who have been injured and displaced due to the atrocious attacks on the country. Noah is there now, working with World Central Kitchen, and has been for the best part of a year.

When the the war began, over 105,000 children were living across more than 700 orphanages, boarding schools and other establishments. Now entering year two of the war, the number of orphans is estimated to have grown to over 150,000 and the displacement of these children has been horrific to say the least.

While thousands of orphans were sent back to the homes that originally could not care for them, tens of thousands more have been displaced across Ukraine with no place to call home. Even worse, according to a report by the Conflict Observatory (an organization supported by the US State Department), more than 6,000 Ukrainian children have been kidnapped and put in Russian camps and over 14,000 more have been forced into Russian adoption.

While we do not know the exact number of orphaned children at this point, we do know that the need is NOW.  In collaboration with local non-profits, Boca Helps Ukraine and NovaUkraine, we are launching this online drive and could use your support immediately. 

Our goal is to provide 2,000 backpacks filled with highly requested school supplies and other essential items to orphans in Eastern and Southeastern Ukraine. With your help, we can make a difference.

Please join us in our mission to help these children by making a donation today and spreading awareness about these needs.

With love and gratitude, The Sydney Paige Team

Winter Coat Donation Drive
0 days left

Help us keep kids warm this winter and performing at their best with awesome coats that last and are stylish to help boost their self-confidence!

At Sydney Paige, we have been flooded with requests from educators and non-profit partners for winter coats that are high-quality and water resistant. With self-worth and pure love as our driving factors, we went on a journey to find a solution. We are so excited that we have found a supplier of amazing jackets equally excited about giving back that both the littles and the teens will love - for just $25-$28! Whhaaattt!?!?

Our coats have a detachable hood and are fleece-lined (cozy!), machine washable and water-repellent - which means when it rains or snows, beads of waters will form and fall right off of the jacket! We would all buy these for our kids with a $75-$100+ price tag!

  • Youth coats come in sizes 2T, 3T, 4, 5/6, 7/8, 10/12, 14/16 or 18
  • Teen/Young Adult coats are available in S, M, L or XL

Thank you for your help to make the otherwise impossible POSSIBLE for the kids we are so fortunate to serve. We can't do it without you!

Giving Back Together,

The Sydney Paige Team ~ Courtney, Tenaya, Sharon, Chimene, Joanne, Natalie and Krista

Sydney Paige 2022 Backpack & School Supply Drive
0 days left

During these difficult times of rising costs, we are reaching out earlier than ever to ask for your help. Last year, we were able to distribute 19,731 high-quality, performance-enhancing, change-agent backpacks (amazing!) and have a goal to give at least 25,000 to kids in need this year. We will fill them all with full sets of age-appropriate school supplies and at least 1 book. We can't wait to experience the pure joy of students 'shopping' for their very own school bag and supplies, but we greatly need your help to make this happen.

Price increases continue to take place, but if we can raise enough funds early on, we can avoid them for the summer months when out-of-stocks related to back-to-school are an issue and prices shoot up even more. Please help us buy early so that we can help as many kids as possible by providing them with the tools and confidence needed to learn & thrive in school, right here in our own communities. 

Simply add items to your cart below to give and please share with friends, families, corporate sponsors, community organizations, etc. etc. Contact us at to set up your own drive to help us reach our overall goal as well (a great way for teens to earn service hours!) - Thank you for your incredible support!

Alone, we can only do so much. Together, the opportunities are endless!

Crayola Crayon Collection
0 days left

Can you imagine Elementary School students not having crayons? If you're like us, you have crayons in multiple drawers and cubbies throughout your home as well as in your kids' backpacks. Unfortunately, for low-income students, this is not the case. They are unable to do coloring assignments given for homework and cannot create the masterpieces they should be able to in order to express their creativity and grow their confidence.

Please help us bring joy into kids' lives by providing students in need with the very best crayons out there - Crayola! Together, we can help thousands of kids for such little spend individually.

Why are we exclusively asking for 24 count Crayola crayons? It's simple -- because we always want to give the students we serve the very best and Crayola is it!

  1. Self-Worth: The branding itself ignites complete joy within children and says "I'm worth it" like no other crayon brand could.
  2. Quality: The magic of Crayola not only delivers its stellar performance of smooth, silky color with its crayons, but also has the strength others don't. And why is that? They wrap their crayons twice! -- A little trivia for your day. :)

If you are passionate about helping kids succeed in school and in life, please help provide Crayola crayons in our school supply kits by:

  1. donating to this drive
  2. holding a collection drive ~ you can collect in person or create your own online drive by selecting "Launch New Drive" to the right. If you're a student, we sign off on service hours if you hold a collection drive! :)
  3. making a purchase through our Amazon wish list

Thank you for your help to make the otherwise impossible POSSIBLE for the kids we are so fortunate to serve. We can't do it without you!

Giving Back Together,

The Sydney Paige Team ~ Courtney, Tenaya, Natalie, Krista, Liat and Elanor

Peres K-8 School : Backpacks a Fresh Start in Accelerating our Students Learning
0 days left

Every year, our students come through our gates ready and excited to learn new things. Every year we try to help our students overcome challenges in their day-to-day life. We provide opportunities for our students to be academically ready and emotionally sound to grow into their best people. With this promise comes the great challenge of supporting our school families.  As a Title 1  school, most of our students get free and reduced lunch daily, so most of our families live in an economically challenging situation. 

Our vision would not be material without our community support. Our annual partnership with the Sydney Paige Foundation has allowed us to provide all our kids with backpacks filled with school supplies. Providing these very important materials goes beyond the hopeful smiles of our students.  It signifies a great start to the school year with students prepared to learn and for our families' sense of security that they do not have to choose between a meal or buying school supplies for their children.

The backpack also signifies a bright hope for the rest of the school year as each of our students "Think they can, work hard, and get smart."  Your donation will go a long way and will be part of our students' success this coming school year.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Taurean Prince Back to the Block Backpack Giveaway 2022
0 days left

Join Taurean Prince, power forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, to help send kids in San Antonio back to school prepared, confident and ready to succeed!

We'll be providing backpacks, school supplies, books, hygiene kits, water bottles, Covid vaccinations, meals and more to underserved youth from SAISD. We are so excited for our distribution event on 8/13, but know that we can't do it alone.

Please help by sponsoring items to help kids learn and thrive in school and life. We hope to serve 500 kids through your collective donations. Thank you!

Salvation Army SF Back to School Drive 2022
0 days left

Giving inner-city youth a better chance in life.

Every fall, The Salvation Army sends hundreds of children from low-income families back to the classroom not only with brand new backpacks and supplies, but also with higher self-esteem and confidence. These supplies will be given to inner-city youth whose families have a hard time making ends meet and need the extra support to give their children a better chance in life.

Hope Solutions Annual Backpack Drive
0 days left

Help us create smiles and empower self-worth within formerly homeless and low-income youth by donating to our Annual Backpack Drive!

With your support, we will be providing 400 backpacks filled with school supplies to the children in our programs. Help us give them the tools and confidence needed to learn and thrive in school.

Thank you!

DABSJ Backpack & School Supply Drive 2022
0 days left

This year we are going virtual once again with our annual backpack and school supply drive!

About 500 children are looking to us to provide them with the school supplies they need to start the year with confidence.

We have partnered with Sydney Paige Foundation where you can select and purchase a prefilled backpack that is sent directly to the agency.

We're in need of the following:

190 K-2 Backpack Kits

170 3-5 Backpack Kits

270 6-12 Backpack Kits

Thank you so much for your support!

2022 Backpack Buddies
0 days left

Thank you for supporting Win's 2022 Backpack Buddies program. The average American family spends nearly $700 getting their kids ready for school. Sponsor teams purchase backpacks filled with supplies from our supply vendor Sydney Paige on this website. These backpacks are delivered to Win children in New York City shelters and supportive housing programs. We encourage each team to buy at least 100 backpack bundles, although there is no minimum pledge to participate. Individual contributions through this page are also much appreciated. Please email Win at if you have any questions.

0 days left

While TSE has fundraised in the past to receive donated materials, the need from TSE participants outstrips available resources. The impact on students' learning experience when they are equipped with the necessary resources to succeed in school cannot be overstated.

In order to ensure students are equipped with school essentials, TSE is seeking in-kind donations of backpacks and school supplies in partnership with the Sydney Paige Foundation. When TSE participants have the classroom tools they need, they can more easily turn their focus to learning. We ask that you help us help the parents we support hit the easy button and check these important items off their list for the 2022-2023 school year.

Thank you so much for your support. The kids are going to be so excited!

Children's Fund Backpack & School Supply Drive
0 days left

Children's Fund's Annual Backpack & School Supplies Drive ensures that foster youth and other vulnerable children will go back to school with the tools they need to succeed.  

You can provide Support, Opportunity, and Hope by selecting one or more of the items needed.

Thank you for helping us create a bright future for every child!

Backpacks, Books, + School Supplies for Harbor House Youth 2022
0 days left

Welcome to R Strengths' Annual Backpack, School Supply and Book Drive!

Every year, we collect backpacks, school supplies, clothes, and other necessities for the students served by Harbor House's programs in San Francisco. 

We are so grateful for the power of community and can't thank you enough for your help to make this possible!!

Harbor House's mission is to create and deliver integrated solutions to profound social problems. Since 1991, The Salvation Army Harbor House has developed and operated housing and provided chemical dependency treatment, workforce solutions, and other supportive services to single-parent families who are homeless.

Sydney Paige mobilizes the power of the community to provide low-income youth with quality backpacks and school supplies to help them learn & thrive in school. They believe that education is the best pathway toward long-term financial security and that all children, regardless of economic circumstance, should have access to the tools needed to succeed.

Sobrante Park Annual Backpack Distribution and Resource Fair
0 days left

East Oakland children are brimming with potential! You can send East Oakland students back to school with a high-quality backpack full of supplies. When classes start, students will be ready to focus on their studies with their eyes on their bright futures.

EBCLO Backpack & School Supply Drive
0 days left

Please help us provide high-quality backpacks and school supplies to the students we are able to reach this summer. These fundamental items are an expense our children's families cannot afford and we want to help prepare them for success for the upcoming school year. Please help us continue to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing the kids we serve with the tools and confidences needed to succeed.

Thank you!

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