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About This Organization

VESTIA (Volunteer & Emergency Services Team in Action) was established in 1985 as a non-profit organization devoted to serving individuals and families receiving benefits from Contra Costa County's Employment & Human Services Department (EHSD). VESTIA has been a safety net for thousands of low-income children and families in Contra Costa County and works in a public-private partnership with EHSD to provide supplemental support to clients when no other resources exist. The VESTIA Board of Directors is grateful to all of the volunteers and contributors for continuing to support our programs.

The mission of VESTIA, Inc. is to provide supplemental support to at risk individuals and families known to the Contra Costa County EHSD, when no other resources are available. VESTIA works in partnership with this department in the development of the nonprofit’s funding criteria, fundraising sources, and policies and procedures.

400 Ellinwood Way
Pleasant Hill , 94523
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Closed on: Jul 31st, 2019
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